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Solar Solutions for Home, Farming, Water, Refrigeration, Outdoor Lighting and more..

We offer Solar Solutions for farming, aquaculture, water pumping, irrigation, refrigeration and outdoor lighting.
From the smallest system powering a Single Battery, to a large commercial Farm, we can customize a system for your solar project.
Photovoltaics give you the opportunity to take electricity production into your own hands.
With affordable, practical solutions for any sized renewable energy project.
You can gain energy independence!
Heat your water with the ultimate renewable source.
Solar Water Heaters provide an effective and efficient way to supply your home with water for all domestic needs.
Solar Pool Heaters provide more BTU's than any other renewable product in the state of Florida.
Solar pool heating lets you take advantage of the investment you've made in your pool and by extending your Swimming Season.

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Solar Systems for Home or Business
Simpler Solar Systems offers Solar Energy Systems and Products and Services throughout Florida, the United States, Caribbean Countries, and Worldwide. As North Florida's Leading Solar Energy Company, with over 35 years of Solar Experience, Simpler Solar Systems can help with any size Solar Project. The Development of Solar Design and Engineering has been the framework for Simpler Solar Systems for nearly 4 Decades. With Energy Audits at the Forefront of our push toward Energy Independence, we offer Alternative Energy Services and Solutions in Tallahassee and the Panhandle of Florida. Other Solar Auditors are available in your community, and we can provide Solar Systems from Photovoltaics to Solar Screens to cut Energy Consumption anywhere. We work with Local Electrical Contractors to Install Solar Systems worldwide.
As a member of the American Solar Energy Society, Simpler Solar Systems features Solar Installations and Tours at various times and places. Check back on our Website for Tallahassee Solar Tours, Marianna Solar Installations, Carrabelle Discover House Solar Tour, Panama City Solar Seminars, Sarasota Solar Systems and Events, Orlando Solar Conferences, Ocala Solar, as well as our newest Solar Resources in Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas.
Simpler Solar Systems Founder and C.E.O., Al Simpler has worked in the Solar Industry since 1979 as a leader and Solar Advocate. Simpler Solar Systems designed and built the first U.S. Solar Powered Manufacturing facility in Tallahassee, Florida as well as Solar Powered Clinics, Solar School Projects, and Solar Powered Commercial Buildings in Africa, Haiti, and throughout the United States. Al is widely considered one of the foremost authorities on Solar Battery Back up Systems operational in over 72 countries virtually maintenance free. Battery Back up Solar Systems offer reserve power in the event of outages, and store solar energy for crisis management.
Maintenance free solar Designs are available for Remote Solar Cabins, City and County Solar Applications, Commercial Solar Projects, and Government Solar Programs. Our company features solar products such as Sun Power, Mage Solar, and Sharp Solar Panels, SMA Sunny Boy Inverters, Xantrex and Schneider Inverters, Apollo Voltage Regulators and Morningstar Voltage Regulators, Solarland PV Panels, Solar Pond Aerators, Solar Water Pumping, Solar Charging Stations, Solar outdoor lighting, and Phifer Solar Sunscreens. We can help lower your utility usage and increase your home or businesses energy efficiency with innovative solar products.
As Alternative Energy Specialists, Simpler Solar is committed to advocating solar Initiative programs on both the Federal and State Level. To that end, Al Simpler serves on the board of Floridians for Energy Independence, and the Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association. We look forward to an Energy Independent future in which rooftop Solar is as prevalent and available to individuals as well as utility providers. We look forward to working with you on all you solar projects.
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