About Us

Who We Are

Simpler Solar Systems founder and C.E.O., Al Simpler, has been a leading force in providing Solar worldwide since 1974. Al began as a Consultant, Solar designer, and Project Manager for Medical Benevolence Foundation, Haitian American Friendship Foundation, World Presbytery, ASHA and other Benevolent Assocations.  Al has installed Solar Battery Systems on Hospitals, Clinics, and Schools in Africa and Haiti; Commercial Solar Systems in the Bahamas, Off Grid Systems in Granada & Dutch Guyana; and many Residential and Commercial locations throughout the United States.  Today Al heads up Teams of Solar Designers and Providers from our Corporate Office in Tallahassee Florida.  His expertise in off Grid Solar is a valued part of our Corporate History and sets us apart in an ever changing World of uncertainty.

What We Do

The Corporate Team at Simpler Solar Systems is dedicated to Design and implementation of Solar Power for both Residential and Commercial Applications.  Our Systems are Tailored to both moderate and extensive projects, and we custom design Solar for many off Grid Projects.

We currently offer a variety of Solar Packages to power everything from Stand Alone Solar Cabins for Remote Areas, Agricultural Well Pumping, Battery Powered Billboard Lighting, and Large Commercial Grid Tie Systems utilizing the latest Technologies.

We are committed to offering the widest range of products including Solar Pool & Water Heating, Passive Solar Engineering to reduce energy consumption by up to 30%, and Full Solar Arrays to power the largest facility.

Tax Incentives, Rising Fuel Costs, and Environmental Issues are bringing Alternative Energy Solutions to the forefront Nationwide. Simpler Solar Systems is proud to be part of our great movement toward energy conservation and independence from fossil fuels.

Our Management Team

Al Simpler


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