Solar Systems & Batteries

Grid-Tie Solar Systems range in size and are usually packaged in Kilowatts of Power. Residential Solar systems, typically sized between 6KW and 15KW, include High Efficiency Solar Panels, and a single Grid Tie String Inverter or individual Micro Inverters mounted under each panel. Inverters connect to the service panel to feed electricity directly to the home. As solar produces more electricity than the home or Office consumes, excess clean power is sold back to the Utility Company. With rising utility costs, our Customers are making the smart choice to offset Electric bills with Solar. Net Metering, or banking credits for power your system sells back, is available through most Utility providers. We design, implement, and assist with all aspects of your solar system from the beginning until the net meter is placed on your home or office. Simpler Solar also provides continuous Solar Service, Panel Cleaning, and ongoing Maintenance through the years.


Sizing your system for maximum return on Investment is a crucial part of Solar Design. As an added bonus, we can now enhance our Grid Tie Systems with AC Coupled Lithium Battery Power Packs.  Pika Harbor, Outback Radian, and Humless Inverters pair with Frequency adjustable Grid Tie Inverters for continuous power when the Utility Grid is interrupted.

Battery Primary Sell Back Systems


Battery Systems are designed to power dedicated circuits for off grid applications and in the case of power outages from the Utility Provider. Whether solar is needed for remote areas where no power grid is available, or as a standby reserve keeping lights, well pumps, and necessary areas up and running; these systems are custom designed for maximum efficiency. Battery reserve options include our Blue Printed Baby Truth and Truth Battery packs for both 24volt and 48 volt applications. Simpler Solar has been a leader in designing Battery Power Solar Systems since 1975, and we dedicate our expertise to meet your off grid needs.

Our newest Batteries incorporate Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology for maximum performance, faster recharging, and multiple levels of safety features.

With 40 years of experience in successfully delivering products and solutions to global energy customers, Simpler Solar offers the leading LiFe PO4 technology on the market.  Iron Edison, Blue Planet, LG Chem, Lithionics and Panasonic Lithium Solutions add Battery Storage Features to Traditional Grid Tie Solar Systems. Safe, Compact, Reliable and Economical Solutions are available now!

Harbor™ Smart Battery Powered by Panasonic Li-ion technology.

PIKA Systems can be added to Grid Tie Systems as a standalone Power generation Module. This Power pack incorporates powerful Panasonic Batteries and Integrated Inverter Technology yielding maximum back up power production.

Harbor is the most powerful and flexible smart battery available to homeowners today. Pika’s Harbor has enough power, capacity and capability to help customers save money through time of use programs and self supply, while also serving backup duty.

Harbor not only features more capacity and power than other smart batteries, it has unique performance characteristics that set it apart as well. Thanks to our battery’s “black-start” capability, Harbor is an ideal choice for backup duty. If the battery is ever completely drained, it can restart the system using solar power alone, without the help of the grid.

Lithionics batteries are rigorously tested and Feature an internal Battery Management Interface with lightweight manageability. This is the newest reliable technology in sealed batteries to run larger loads during a Grid interruption. Featuring the NeverDie® Battery Management System (BMS), this is a True innovative technology for reliable power storage.


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