Appliances and Accessories

Beautiful and Functional 12/24 DC Refrigerator under 5 amps! Upright 7.4 CF Refrigerator with Freezer compartment on Bottom, Variable Thermostat, Shelves, Drawers, and Ice Trays. Power consumption under 60 Watts. Perfect for Solar Applications, Small cabins, etc. Digital Control Panel, T34K Compressor with Integrated control Electronics, Low Voltage Protection, CFC Free Polyurethane Foam, Direct Connection to DC 12 Volt or 24 Volt. Dimensions: 63″H 23″L x 20″w. Imported from China.

Solar Pond Aeration

Solar Pond Aeration de-stratifies ponds to create Sustainable Ecosystems from stagnant pools of water. Aeration can be used for mosquito control and creating healthy fish habitats in any area of the world. Aerators, unlike fountains, pump compressed air to the bottom of the water body emitting a stream of tiny bubbles from an air bladder. This increases oxygen absorption in the water body. Our Pond Aerators have been tested extensively by Tuskeegee University and received the highest rating of any aerator for use in Aquaculture Projects.

Solar Water Pumping

Water Pumping is a vital part of home and commercial solar systems. Simpler Solar Systems designs water pumping stations for wells, irrigation, and Village Water Supplies worldwide. Water pumping kits are available with PV Panels, Cable, Wire, Pipe, Pole Frame and Submersible Pump. These systems start at $1,995 and can be installed in less than two hours.

Solar Outlook Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Projects are made for solar. From city light poles and billboards, to garden and pathway lighting; eliminating electrical wiring and reducing costs are essential. We design sign lighting systems, Globe Pathway Lighting, and will be adding new artistic Solar Lights for use in parks, pool areas, and home gardens in early 2011.

Solar Refrigeration and Emergency Management

Sun Danzer DC Refrigerators offer Solar Solutions for a variety of applications. Energy Efficient Refrigerators and Freezers come in two sizes, 5.8 cubic ft. and 8.1 cubic ft., and can maintain internal temperature for up to 7 days. Refrigeration Packages include Solar Panel, Battery Pack, and Voltage Regulator with Pulse Width Charging. Optional Lighting Packages and combinations including both DC Refrigeration and DC Freezer can be added for Emergency Management, or commercial needs.