Use the Sun for Your Needs All Summer Long!

Simpler Solar Systems is proud to announce new product lines focused around Caribbean and Off-Grid living!

Our DC-powered, Solar-Ready appliances, lighting, and battery storage systems bring opportunities to use your solar power directly!

For lighting options, we have LED light fixtures as well as security lighting – all DC-powered and able to be directly wired to your solar array.

Solar-Ready DC-powered Refrigerators, as well as our cooling options (below) make it easy to enjoy amenities of a comfortable lifestyle while still being off-grid!

On those hot days, use our Solar DC Cooling Fans or our 9000 BTU DC-powered Mini-Split Air Conditioning Units help keep you cool sustainably.

Stay cool and comfortable all night! Using our Battery Storage Systems, you can hold onto extra power your panels produce for nights, rainy days, and times when the Sun just isn’t as bright.  Battery systems allow use of any extra free solar energy whether the Sun is up or not! Then the next sunny day, they can recharge for use the next night!